Trapped in a Nightmare

Are you afraid of the dark? That isn’t all you should fear because sometimes your dreams come true and sometimes those dreams are nightmares! (4 or more players are recommended) … Read More

Public School of Magic

Professor Snake has already collected one of the deadly hallows and used it cast an unspeakable spell causing the hedge of protection that hides our campus to be broken and causing magical items to be misplaced throughout our school. If he is able to collect the final 2 pieces he will become unstoppable.  On orientation day your group will have 1 hour to replace the magical items  and collect the final two deadly hallows before we are noticed and magic is revealed to the muggle world!!… Read More

Bring Back the 90’s

The time is December 31st, 2999 11:00 PM. The Y3K virus threatens to delete all of the 1990’s, or at least all the good parts. You and your team have until midnight to Bring Back the 90’s. Have you got it, dude?… Read More